Sunday, May 01, 2016

SUNDAY FUNNIES!! Will Elder's Bad Little Towns

These three pages are from the pages of HELP Magazine in the 1960s.  I cannot tell you which HELP Magazine because the pages first two pages, which would contain the publisher's statement, are ripped out and also the cover.
I take good care of my collections don't I?
The art is by Will Elder.  Will Elder made his biggest splash as being one of the original four artists of MAD Comicbook and the first five issues of MAD Magazine.  And later he was the main artist behind ANNIE FANNY in PLAYBOY Magazine and many trials and tribulations from the first until the end.
The pages are the Elder's take of little misguided towns that are the background of many movies and TV shows.
Be sure and study the details, that is what is so good about Will Elders, tiny little details all over his splash on each page.
And also be sure and click on each page to make it larger and understandable.

Take it away Will!



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