Monday, May 09, 2016


Getting more milage out of my pictures department:

My cousin Harriet Petty at a funeral.  Harriet was born in Murray County, Georgia; finished growing up in Augusta and maybe some of Milledgeville.

Harriet is the oldest of four daughters of Wallace and Thelma Cox Petty, both deceased.

In Springplace, Murray County,  Georgia, her parents bought a farm.  They had a lot of chickens,  egg sorting machines, cattle and all other farm stuff, like four little female farm hands. Harriet has plenty of farm experiences to tell about.

 In Augusta, like her parents, was a teacher, and then like her father, was a principal. 

She retired and jumped into another career, selling real estate.  Her and her ex were the top selling agents of the Augusta-Richmond County  area.

Now, she has a new career: being retired.  Apparently, she is taking retirement as seriously as her careers, based on her facebook posts she is always involved in some type of social activity.  



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