Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Time Is Flexible

Not long ago we were in Buy, Buy, Baby, which as you can tell by the name of it, it is a store for babies.  It is owned by Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

Being grandparents we were checking out high chairs for our house when our grandson Benjamin visits us.

There are many to choose from and many things to consider.  We were trying out various models, trying to figure out how they snap things on and off, and how to fold it, and things like that.

A young lady overheard us and recommended what she has.  We thanked her and followed her suggestion.  While she was talking to us she mentioned she had to be at a baby shower in (she looked at her watch) in 17 minutes.  We thanked her again and she rushed off.  I was hoping she would make it on time.

About 5 minutes later When we left the aisle we were on and rounded the corner there was the young lady that had to rush off to the shower.   By their body language, they were friends that know each other.  Now she had about 12 minutes to make it.

We shopped around some more and  15 minutes later we saw her nearer the row of cashiers talking to another lady, and seemed in no hurry at all.  Even if she left now, and it was next door she would be 3 minutes late.

I suggested to Anna that I might walk by her and act surprised to see her and point to my watch.   Anna said absolutely not.

Then I thought of walking up to her and apologize for making her late to the baby shower...maybe that will remind her of her destination.

But I didn't. 

I  keep forgetting that to be late is fashionable. 


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