Friday, May 27, 2016

Jane Whitlock, Small World

Jane Whitlock, c 2015.  Jane and I worked together at the Cobb County's 2000 Census.  We were part of the office help.  She kept some of us out out of mischief, including our boss.

Since our six month job together we have ran into her and her husband several times. We probably did before then, but didn't know we did.

About a year or two ago I went to the Cobb County Landmarks Society to hear a Kennesaw University history professor  Dr. Thomas Scott speak on his book Cobb County, Georgia, and the Origins of the Suburban South: A Twentieth Century History speak, which is about the history of Cobb County and ran into Jane again.  I learned something I did not know:  She is the mother-in-law of Dr. Thomas Scott.  Small world.

The book Cobb County, Georgia, and the Origins of the Suburban South: A Twentieth Century History is an excellent book and we bought several of them and gave them as gifts.

A year or two before the we on the annual Christmas time Marietta Pilgrimage, a tour of  five or six Marietta Homes the volunteer shuttle bus driver between long distances introduced  herself as Thomas Scott's wife.  I did not know Jane at the time or I could have said, "I know your mama!"


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