Monday, May 16, 2016

Karma or Wake Up Call?

In the Spring of 1975 I had a wreck.  In Mapleton I was going under a green light when a pickup truck going under the red light of the same mechanism t-boned me.  It totaled my car, glass in my hair, and a 10 day headache.  I lived.
The other driver died.  He went through the windshield.  It is believed that and blacked out while driving.  He was on his way to get some medicine for his condition.

Now, 39 years later, also in the spring:
We were driving down Sandtown Road in Marietta from Powder Springs Road to Austell Road.  I always have liked driving on different roads in Marietta to keep updated on the ever-changing changes of our hometown.  I have not been on Sandtown Road in a while.

I was probably going over the speed limit when right in my face was a redlight that I did not remember.   I was running it.  At the same moment a dark van was crossing in my path, I'm sure going under a greenlight.  I was inches from t-boning it. 

As I pressed the brakes as hard I could my first thought was "What goes around comes around."
Or it was Karma pay-back time.
I missed him with no more than one inch wiggle room.
The only thing I suffered was a painful right foot, evidently I pressed down on the brake pedal with all my strength which my foot wasn't used to.

Maybe all that pay-back-time and Karma is hogwash, but it was a wake-up call to drive more carefully.


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