Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Taste Test

I was talking to my son Adam, who has become something of a food expert, about red wine.

I told him I heard that a sip of red wine before retiring for the evening would help keep diabetes away and also help in other bodily functions such as the heart in tuned.

I told him I have been taking a sip of red wine at bed time for a few months now and suddenly the novelty wore off and I quit doing it, leaving about a half bottle  corked for some time now.  I wondered how it would taste.

Adam said it might be on the border of turning to vinegar.  It might have an acidic test.
I told him that the upcoming evening, I would taste it and therefore, test the taste.

But I forgot that night.

But the next night, which was last night, I sipped about an ounce and happy to report that it tastes like it suppose to, like red wine.

I feel like I just did a report for America's Test Kitchen on NPR.


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