Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Wreck That Never Was

The Invisible Man has a wreck.

January the 5th of this year we were involved in a wreck. While in a stopped position in traffic when a truck hit us with speed and we were knocked into the car in front of us. Our car had the most damage, it was totaled.

Anna called the Cobb County Police and they sent an officer out, a swat team member. He wrote up the accident, got statements, and gave the guy that hit us from behind the ticket.

He told us the case number and told us in five working days to go to any Cobb County Police Precinct and pick up a copy of the accident report.

It has been three weeks and I have been to the precinct the officer worked out of once and they told me they did not have anything yet, why don’t I just call to save myself a trip. Now, I call almost daily and still nothing. They also told me the officer who wrote off the report has not been to work since two days after our wreck, he is in training, they said.

Yesterday when I called the lady connected me up with the desk sergeant's voice mail so I could leave him a message of my concern.

Being me, I am used to being ignored or just lost in the cracks of the system, so I almost want to say, “I understand.”

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