Friday, January 14, 2011

Salvador Dali & Naked Women

If you don't see the naked women look above to Dali's right and study the skull.

Several months ago when the Salvador Dali Exhibit came to the High Museum in Atlanta we went to see it and of course I made a post of our visit on this blog.

Then, you know what?

Visitors to my blog increased about 150 to 200 daily. And the number stayed about that number for a couple of months. First, of course, the increase made the number of visitors to my site look above normal. Then, after awhile, the number, was the new normal. Then after a couple of months, people stopped coming to visit the Dali site and my daily visitation rate dropped between 150 to 200 visits a day, as it was before. But now, the new number, which was the old number before Dali, was now below average.

I think this is what happened: The late Salvador Dali is a very well known surrealist painter. People are fascinated by his work and Dali knew how to draw a crowd. “Draw” a crowd – get it? (I told you that I got a million of ‘em!). The many Dali appreciators Googled the artist and was drawn to my blog. And then, they found there was nothing to me, and moved on. It took months for it to run it’s course in the art appreciation community.

You know what that means?

It means if you want to increase visits to your blog just mention the word Salvador Dali and fools will flock to you and build those numbers up. Of course, I have taste, I wouldn’t stoop to that. No sir, I wouldn’t mention Salvador Dali just to increase my numbers, not me!

Of course, you could probably just say “naked women” or “nude women” and get a large onslaught of visitors too, but as I mentioned, I am above that kind of false visitor magnetism.

Last week was the last week of the Salvador Dali exhibit in Atlanta. We went to see it the second time. That must have been Tuesday. Our car was totaled on Wednesday.

I wasn’t allowed to take pictures in the Dali Exhibit but in order to not disappoint you Dali fans directly above is a Dali mockery painting done by Will Elder for PAGEANT Magazine in the ‘60s.

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Blogger TCasteel said...

actually, well written, I enjoyed reading this post.

12:45 PM  
Blogger Eddie said...

Thank you. I see you are into family resarch. Me too.
As a matter of fact my Trammell anestors lived in Fairfax, Va. I forgot off and, is Falls Church in Fairfax? They deeded the land for the church itself.

1:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what do YOU think about this photograph. Dali and skull your first image? how does it make you feel? i think that you post was rell well written

3:35 AM  

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