Friday, January 14, 2011

Noah and the Dove

This morning while on the computer I heard a car drive smoothly down the street and heard a “THOK!”

This is a noise I took for granted until recently. In fact, weeks ago, I wouldn’t have noticed it. It was the Marietta Daily Journal being delivered. The smooth sound of the car and the fact that there wasn’t a crunching noise as the tires made contact with the snow and ice meant the snow on the street was clear. The fact they were delivering newspapers that time of the morning, before daylight meant most, if not all, of the roads were clear in the area.

Now I know how Noah must have felt when he saw the Dove approach The Ark carrying an olive branch.

But maybe Noah was not ready to leave his little comfortable quarters on the Ark. Maybe Noah had a routine established in his safe warm dry wood habitat. Maybe he got to watch TV, snooze, read a book, watch DVD movies, study the family’s new camera, study a new picture program he downloaded to the computer on the Ark, slurp tasty warm soup, and look out the windows, I mean portholes.

&^%#@* that %^&*&%$#@ Dove!

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