Sunday, January 16, 2011

SUNDAY FUNNIES! Goes to the Movies

The other night we rented a classic black & White movie of 1956 BABY DOLL. I remember when BABY DOLL first came out. I think the Cobb Theater in Marietta and a theater in Cartersville shown it. It was banned every place else in Georgia. But these two theaters were known for showing artsy movies when sometimes carried over into the racy movie theme.

The movie was based on a play written by Tennessee Williams and was directed by Elia Kazan and the main stars were Karl Mauden, Carroll Baker, and Eli Wallach. I think it was a great movie. It exploded with characters.

It took place in the Delta area and racism was the way of life. There were “white only” and “colored only” signs here and there. The blacks in the movie just more or less hung around and laughed at the crazy life or death antics of the white folks. The reminded me of the witches in a Shakespeare play.

I thought the movie was great and a great portrait of the Vanishing South.

Also, it reminded me the satirical magazine HUMBUG #1(August 1957). In the first issue they did a lampoon on BABY DOLL, written by Harvey Kurtzman and art by Jack Davis.. I dug up my old raggedy issue and here it is:

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