Thursday, January 13, 2011

On This Date in History, Mickey Mouse

Today in history, Jan 13, 1930, Walt Disney's* first MICKEY MOUSE comic strip was introduced.

I ran Google to find it the first and found about a half dozen MICKEY MOUSE strips that was labeled "the first". The one above, I think, was really the first and the ones below came in second.

MICKY MOUSE comic strip started off as one liners. But in time the stip had continuation to the next strip and cliff hangers to lure you to want to read the next strip the next day. And during this time little Mickey had a metamorphism from a funny little squeaky mouse with one liners to a trench coat detective getting into high intrigue adventures.*

Then apparently Donald Duck was hired to take Mickey's place as a silly sounding comic animal and then Donald's 3 nephews were intoduced along with his very rich uncle Scrooge McDuck - which developed into high adventures* on the high seas and every place else. There is no stopping progress!

*I am surprised just how many people think Walt Disney actually drew these comics. Proably the same people who thinks Alfred Hitchock wrote the stories in ALFRED HITCHOCK MYSTERY MAGAZINE. I think the main cartoonist behind the Disney animals' high adventures was Carl Barks.



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