Monday, January 10, 2011

Dylan Thomas & Byron Reece

I am currently reading a book about my 4th cousin Byron Hubert Reece, MOUNTAIN SINGER by Raymond A. Cook.

Byron and the I are both descended from John Hunter.

Byron was a farmer and a poet. In the field of written prose and poetry some people consider him a genius. As you know, I’m not qualify to say.

Byron worked up to 18 hours a day to support a meager existence for him and his sickly parents in Union County, Georgia. Writing was only a thing he could do in his little spare time.

Last night we watched the movie EDGE OF LOVE, directed by John Maybury, and written by Sharman MacDonald, about a segment of life of Welsh poet Dylan Thomas. The segment was about how Thomas got through World War II. It appeared he partied all way through it and was drunk most the time.

The movie claimed to be a true account of Dylan Thomas, his wife Caitlin, his life long friend Vera Phillips, and her husband William Killick.

The two poets lived two completely different lives in the same decade (the 40’s). One was partying and got his inspirations over a bottle and the other one got his inspirations over a plow.

I will probably do a book report later on MOUNTAIN SINGER after I am finished, but I just wanted to compare the two poets’ lifestyles. They were both highly regarded.

Inspirations can hatch from different types of environments.

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Anonymous Skip H. said...

Eddie, have you been to the Byron Reece Park area north of Dahlonega? It is a good place to take a hike without getting exhausted. Plenty of creeks, flora and fauna there. There is a creek at the foot of the hill below the parking lot where the wife and I panned for gold. I hit "paydirt" (years ago)and found a nugget about the size of a BB. Maybe there was more but we have not been back.

5:06 AM  
Blogger Eddie said...

Skip, I heard of the park and have drove right by it many times but never been to it. That park is not far from where he was born and spent most his life plowing. I think their property was on part of Vogle State Park.

5:28 AM  

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