Tuesday, January 18, 2011

We Were Young Once, Now We Are Old

Do you look at the pictures in the OLYMPIAN that is posted on this blog most days of the week? We look so young and tender in those pictures. We were like a bunch of naïve baby chickens.

Now, we don't look so youg and tender. But at least we held on to our naive look!

These still pictures in this video were taken in recent years at different functions. Originally, the video was submitted to Youtube with 3 or 4 rock and roll songs of our teenage years, including Down In The Boondocks but they would not release it with the music, saying it was breaking copyright laws, so I changed the music to Bach playbed on the electric Moog.

I am always amazed how people changed that I knew many years ago. I am amazed how they changed and amazed if they have not changed at all.

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