Friday, January 21, 2011

This Date in History, January 21st

This date in history has generated quite a few pages in various history books

This date in 1793, Louis XVI, King of France was beheaded by revolutionaries. He was 38.

This date in 1824, Thomas Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson was born. He was a Lieutenant General in the Confederate Army, until his untimely death May 10, 1863. I say it was untimely because he was shot by troops on his own side – they mistaken him for the enemy. His arm had to amputated and died eight days later of pneumonia. People who know, say that Stonewall was one of the most gifted tactical commanders in either Army. He was much respected by his troops. Why? I think it is because he treated them with respect.

In 1924 Vladimir Ulyanov Lenin, Russian Revolution leader, died of a stroke at age 54. His body is still well preserved in a glass case and tourists visit him daily.

Last, date-wise, not really last, and maybe not least, is super DJ Wolfman Jack (Bob Smith), was born this date in 1939 in Brooklyn, New York. Of course Wolfman was a famous DJ who could make rising stars succeed by playing their records on the air. He had a very identifiable scratchy voice and style. He died at age 57, in 1995, in Belvidere, North Carolina, the home of his wife’s extended family. Within just a couple of weeks ago a friend told me that his wife is from the same little North Carolina town that Wolfman settled in his last years.

Another famous Bob Smith died in North Carolina. “Buffalo Bob” real name was Bob Smith, but originally Buffalo Bob Smith’s name was Robert Emil Schmidt. Now, we are backing out the door.

Buffalo Bob's alter ego.


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