Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Hunter Brothers and Sister and Wives

These are pictures of my Father and his siblings, and wives. Probably near 30 years have lapsed between the pictures. I don't think they changed that much, except for the gray hair.

This picture was taken about 1950. I think it was taken in Bee Hunter Crain's yard. The siblings are lined up by age, the youngest being first and the oldest being last, Left to right: Dick, Stanley, Doug, Jack,Ed, Bus, Bee, and Herbert.

Brother WC is not in the picture but I think he was in town. I have him in another picture also taken in Bee's yard about the same time period. If he was in the line-up picutre He would have been between my father Ed and Bus. It is hard getting that many people lined up and to pose.

L to R: Bus and Jack Hunter.

Here they are lined up just the opposite, but still in order, this time the oldest first and working their way down to the yountest, minus the ones who died.

about 1977-78, left to right: Bus, his wife Zelma, Ed, his wife Janie, Jack, his wife Ruby, Doug, his wife Lola Jean, Stanley, his wife Sarah, Dick, and his wife Jeanette. WC was alive then but still elsewhere.



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