Monday, January 31, 2011

A Suggestion

I think what the old ex-MHS over-the-hill students need is a blog devoted exclusively to what is new with them.

At our age among all of us something new will pop up almost daily to announce: deaths, funerals, sicknesses, reunions, claim-to-fames, class-reunions, social reunions, missing people for reunions, and on and on.

The running of the blog should be handled by two, three, or four people, so you can get a wider spectrum of what is going on.

I also suggest to keep publishing pages of the OLYMPIA yearbook. I am almost finished with the 1959 OLYMPIAN and the 1960 is as far as I can go. Other people have older annuals and many more have later ones.

I think it would a very noble project for a group of friends to do.

I am not that noble of a person, so count me out. Chicken-Fat is more self-centered, like cartoonist James Thurber’s “My World and Welcome to It”.
But I enjoy giving a plug to reunions and events I have something to with or plan to attend.

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