Thursday, January 20, 2011

Rock on The Rock

My son Adam’s job took him to San Francisco about a month ago. While there he toured the old closed down Alcratraz Penitentiary, on its own island in the San Francisco Bay. Adam brought me back a booklet, which was reprinted from the book of rules for the inmates, which I suppose they were issued when they were checked in. Here are some of the copied pages.

It is interesting how everything is designed to be so orderly and regimented. Apparently their system worked. When you consider the inmates were the kind of men “that would not conform to man’s laws*.”

I think if I had to spend time on the “Rock” I would have a very hard time conforming to their neatness rules that everything has its place in your cell and it must be where they say it belongs. My argument that I like things I use a lot to be within reach would probably not impress them. I would probably spend time in solitary confinement after the guard gave me a 3rd warning to get rid of the clutter of little notes and stickums all over my cell.

One thing I am envious of, in a way, is the strict directions of your time by the minute. But, I would have to insist on some leeway….. back to solitary.

And of course, the first time a big bald headed bruiser with tattoos blew me a kiss I would break all the rules all the time just to be find in the nice private peaceful solitude of solitary.

*I got that quote from a judge and jury commenting on the status of one of ancestors, Hubert Patey. (True!).

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