Sunday, September 20, 2009


Before Harvey Kurtzman was the chief editor of EC’s two war comicbooks and EC’s MAD comicbook he was a freelance comicbook artist and was barely making a living.

One of the comic-book editors who gave him piece-work was Stan Lee of Marvel Comics. Harvey did a page filler he named “HEY LOOK!” Marvel didn’t copyright HEY LOOK, so they remained Harvey Kurtzman’s property.

Then Harvey used them in his MAD comicbooks to fill in, as he did with these in MAD #8.

After thinking about it, I think legality-wise, when MAD published HEY LOOK they ceased to be Kurtzman’s property and was then MAD’s property, which was owned and copyrighted by MAD’s publisher William Gaines.

In a strange twisted way, that is sort of like not long ago when Michael Jackson owning the copyrights to The Beatles’ songs.

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