Friday, September 04, 2009

Book Report on THE BOOK OF LIES by Meltzer

THE BOOK OF LIES is a paperback book, written by Brad Meltzer and was published in 2008.

It is very interesting and intriguing. Brad Meltzer took a some historical facts and jumbled them all up and arranged the facts into some kind of logical (or illogical) order and threw in some things that were not based on fact and came out with a good chase book.

Not only was it a good chase book, it was a good mystic Book from Adam and Eve’s child, Cain, hidden through the centuries. But that is part of the story. It also has about a cup of INDIANA JONES and maybe a cup and a half of THE DA VINCI CODE.

It also throws in the actual fact that Mitchell Siegel was a Jew in the Russian Army in about 1900 and somehow got to Cleveland, Ohio. In Cleveland he had a family. When his son Jerry was young Mitchell Siegel was shot dead.

Young Jerry Siegel, several years later, would be the co-creator of SUPERMAN.

Brad Meltzer, through his protagonist cal Harper, wondered if SUPERMAN was created to be someone he wished his father was like, who bullets would bounce off of. He also discusses the Superman comic story that Superman goes back in time to save his father from the dying planet Krypton but fails. And again, the question is asked was Jerry wishing he could go back in time and save his own father.

The novel took place mostly in southern Florida and Cleveland, Ohio. It went into all sorts of mystic religious rites and secret organizations which you will have to read if you want to know more.

Good book! I guess that pretty much tells it like I see it.

The book was handed off to me by a friend who first read it. He left his index notes in it. I think it is a good idea what he does, make notes and if a character is in the book early and resurfaces later, you won’t have to dig through the pages just to see what his relation is to whom. See below:

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I'll look for this one, Eddie. Sounds like a good one for long winter days inside.

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It is good and interesting - and also

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