Monday, December 12, 2005

Twiddle Dee & Twiddle Dum

On one of my walking routes this morning, about two miles from here I went by a house that I'm sure has some interesting storiess within its walls. The house is occupied by two brothers. They are tall and have huge bellies. One looks to be in his late teens and the other one appears to be in his early twenties.
I think they need adult supervision before they hurt somebody.
I first started noticing the brothers at a local Krogers supermarket in the magazine section. They would always be dressed in military attire with berets and their pants legs neatly tucked down in their boots. At the magazine rack they would be reading military type of magazines, or sometimes gun mags, sometimes video game mags, and they strike as me the type who would be looking at the girly magazines if Krogers carried those.
I noticed they would leave with an elderly couple who did not very well off and they would all get in a dumpy dented-up old car.
My childhood friend Larry worked in the video department at the same Krogers (since then they no longer have a video department). Larry owned his own little one-man business for abut 25 years but had too retire because of illness. He had the Kroger job for health insurance purposes. Larry always knew everything about everybody locally. I asked him what was the story about "those two - Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dum". Larry shook his head sadly and said it was a sad situation. And he was about to tell me. Then someone wanted to rent a video and according to the computer they still owned money in late dues and it looked like Larry would be bogged down with them a while, so I went to finish my shopping. Just before I left I dropped by so Larry could tell me the two brothers but there was a line of people checking out videos. He told me he would tell me the next time I was in. Larry died before I got to talk to him again.
I continue to see the two brothers at Krogers, but now evidently his grandparents who were evidently their guardians either have died or in a nursing home, or one of each.
One day a year or so ago while riding my bike a big German Shepard came up to a fence and was barking as I pedaled by. I was surprised when one of the Twiddle brothers came out and hollered at the dog to shut-up. And I recognized the old dented up car also. Then, I took notice of their house. It was a dumpy little house with a lot of junk in the front yard with untrimmed bushes and trees, and weeds. They have a high fence surrounding their yard (thank God) and they are surrounded on three sides by huge new houses.
I suppose they are holding out because they would not know where to go if they sold, or maybe one or both their grandparents are in a nursing home and have yet signed it over to them.
They are very scary looking in a gung-ho military kind of way. I noticed they march in-step and never smile or show emotion at Krogers when they do their shopping. They march their cart out to the car to load their groceries. I think they will want to something "military" one day, like make WAR on the yuppies in those big expensive houses?

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Anonymous anonymous said...

youre quite pre-judgmental towards the twiddle brothers, even though they might awfully resemble dee and dum and read military magazines and gun literary produces, that doesnt mean they look dangerous.
we dont know, that other granny in your neigborhood might be more dangerous. :-)

8:26 PM  

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