Thursday, December 08, 2005

Generation Leap-frogging

When I was growing up a few blocks away was a service station ran by a tall blond headed man. He reminded me of Joe Palooka. Later, he closed up his service station and changed it to a one man Western Auto store. He sold tires and other auto accessories.

The other day when with my sister she ran into an old friend of hers. The friend was a woman who spent a lot of money trying to look younger than she was. Money well wasted. Her hair was dyed blond and she dressed very modern, but the thick dark sun-baked skin was like leather. I estimated that she was in her early 70s. They talked about somebody's death that they both knew. When the lady departed I asked my sister who she was and I was told she was she the daughter of Mr. Whatzhisname, the service station-Western Auto owner. She was about 67 or 68 years old.

She looked and is old enough to be the mother of her father, by the image I remember of him, which I haven't seen in about 50 years.

Oh me, my mind is getting confused again.



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