Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Lady With Twins

In the same cemetery as Jon Benet Ramsey is a striking sad tombstone monument of a young lady who died with her baby twins. I am sure there is a sad story here, but I'm glad I don't know it.

Unfortunately, this cemetery is near the old Marietta High School, which, in the past few years have changed into Marietta Junior High School. Either way, it has been and probably still is a hot-bed for vandalism. Sadly, over the years I have seen the lady covered with splashed yellow paint, green paint, and white paint. She just sits there holding her two stone babies and takes it without complaining.

I have seen a picture of a female cousin of mine, back in the 40s, when she was in high school very gracefully hugging the stone lady.

And a ghost story: It has been said at midnight if you walk around her three times and ask her where are her babies she will weep.

I think she knows where her babies are, she is crying because she always is being picked on by teenagers.

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