Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Saga Continues...

On a main road over a mile from here are several franchised fast foods restaurants. There is a red-head man, short and dumpy who looks about 40 years old that has worked one time or another in each of the local fast food places. I first noticed him at Chick Fi La', then Burger King, then McDonald's, and now he seemed to have found his home at Arby's.

I see him from time to time walking up a sidewalk hill from a section of expensive homes to the fast food block. He apparently lives within walking distance of his work, which is a must. Making minimum wage I doubt if he can buy a car. The times he waited on me he seemed to know his product and go by all the sales rules, like ask you would you like to "try" a certain thing, and so on. I thought he must live with his parents. I felt sorry for him, for some reason he got a bad break in life.

Then! We were in Krogers shopping yesterday, which is also in the same area and there was the little short red-headed Arby's man and the youngest brother of the Twiddle Dee and Twinddle Dum set. They were shopping together. Twiddle Dum would lean against the cart and push it lazily as the red headed man carefully studied the shelves and picked out products. I noticed they had plenty of toilet paper and beans in the cart.

In case you are wondering who is Twiddle Dum, as far as this posting goes, go back and look at the posting on this blog dated December 12, 2005.

Every time I have seen the Twiddle brother he was always dressed to military perfection, not a wrinkle, spit-shined boots, and he walked upright and at attention, in step with his older brother. But this day, he was haunched over, wearing a dirty old shirt with stains all over it, and baggy shorts. Very un-military clothes, to which he was accustomed to. The red headed man was more attuned to the cold weather and had on a coat, which he had buttoned up. But where was the older brother, Twiddle Dee? He must not be part of his younger brother's life for the present time because I'm sure he was the commanding officer of their little by-the-book regiment and would had surely failed Twiddle-Dee at inspection time.

Now where is Twiddle-Dee. Buried under the house?

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