Monday, December 26, 2005

364 Days Until Christmas

Remember the snide comeback remark you made to your Aunt Flo that you see only once a year at the annual family Christmas dinner? You have 364 days to prepare your defense. And remember, she also has 364 days to think out her next clever verbal attack.

But what if you see her at a family member's funeral between now and then? If you use your ammunition then you may not have any left for Christmas day. I suggest, if you do see her at a funeral you shouldn't just glare at her but say something nice and complementary to her, and if she returns the complement, laugh very suggestively, like only you and her know the humor in this.

Is there a special dish she looks forward to every year at Christmas? Maybe something like oyster dressing? Next time, maybe if you volunteer to help cook, and "accidentally" pour too much pepper into the oyster dressing, then with tell Aunt Flo about your "mistake" and smile and say, "Oops!"

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