Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Jon Benet Ramsey and playing cards

Little Jon Benet Ramsey is buried here in Marietta. While looking for other graves (family research again) in the same cemetery, I always go by her grave for some interesting finds. By her grave a dogwood tree stands with many of its branches hanging over the grave itself. On the branches there are always little angels and Christmas tree ornaments.. And cards and notes. Each card and note is a message to Jon Benet in the hereafter... I never have read one, after all, it is rude to read to read other people's mail.

The dogwood tree with all the angels and things along with notes and cards has taken on a mystic of its own.

However, something else interesting was on the ground that I noticed. Three playing cards. Apparently they were on the tree and maybe a strong wind knocked them off the tree onto her sister's grave, which is the next grave over. Two of the cards were taped together and the other one was just a few inches away.

What kind message would playing cards convey to the dead?

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