Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Silent Communication With Music

This is the one that I tried to launch from my old blog and failed:

This past Saturday we went to hear the Cobb County Symphony Orchestra present their annual Christmas concert. As expected, they played a lot of Christmas music and they were very good.

We were ones of the first one in and thus got to sit up fairly close, maybe three or four rows from the performing artists.

We were close enough to to study their expressions, facial and body. Two violin players, a gray haired man and a thin blond woman, had a little joke going, I could tell by their facial expressions and body movement. As a matter of fact, at times they were trying to keep from spilling and beans and giggling uncontrollably, or so it appeared. When they stood up at an applause time I was mildly amused that the blond lady was about a head taller than the gray headed man. There was a black female cello player who really got into her work. She seemed to be in a trance as she sawed away at her instrument with her whatever it is. It looked as if she was so focused on making dramatic beautiful music that if she had changed her focused and decided to fly she could dart around near the top of the room and do all sorts of Peter Pan types of stunts. But, she was in all her mind and body concentrating into making this music, then, her thing she saws away at the cello strings, hit her little light weight music book stand it it toppled over. But the female siting next to her, caught it, raised it back to sitting positon, without either of them missing a beat. After the incident the black girl kept looking and smiling at the girl who caught the stand to show her gratitude. Another twosome, which I am not sure what instruments they were playing appeared to the an odd-couple. The man was dressed like all the other men, wearing a black penguin tux, he appeared to be in his 60s. The girl, appeared to be in her early 20s. She had on the black outfit all the other females were wearing which I think was silk looking shirt and pants. But, she was sitting on her crossed legs, showing white and black striped socks - which took away from the formality look, but added to her rebel or outlaw look. They were kidding each other in silent body language as the violin couple.

Three groups of chorals or choirs (what is the difference?) sung. One group had teenagers. It appeared that three or four of the teenage girls had crushes on the director. With their eyes they were begging for his approval.

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