Saturday, December 17, 2005

Amos & Andy and Niles Trammell

Leander N. Trammell had nine children. One was William Trammell. William married Betsy Niles. They had three children. The only one to reach adulthood was Niles Trammell.

Niles grew up in Marietta and ran around with the elite, such as Lucious Clay, Rip Blair, and the Brumby family boys.

Later, how he got there, I do not know, but he was an executive wtih NBC Radio Network in Chicago. He was the person that signed up Amos & Andy to NBC Radio. I don't know if picking a successful show helped his career or not, but probably so, not long after that Niles was president of NBC.

Niles Trammell was president of NBC when the time came in history to include the new invention televison to their broadcasting.

Now, back to Amos & Andy. I have heard the show when they were on radio and probably saw all the Amos & Andy sitcoms. Many times one of the cast, either Amos, Andy, or George Stephens (King Fish) would remember something when they were younger back in Marietta, Georgia. Marietta was mentioned through out all their shows.

I am wondering if the remembering of Marietta was there because that is where Niles Trammell was born and grew up at? Did he get to make any creative suggestions?

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