Saturday, December 17, 2005

The Disappearing & Reappearing Manager

Yesterday evening Anna and I had dinner at a franchise - type of Restaurant, but will remain nameless.

When we entered I noticed the manager sitting at a booth going over a job application and interviewing a potential employee. During our meal I would see the man circulating and mingling with customers, chatting with people sitting at tables eating and he seemed to be doing his public relations part of the job very good.

Anna came across a long human hair in her food when she was almost finished. We decided it would be best to let them know about it so that they may not make the same mistake in the future. Anna went up to the hostess and told showed her the hair. She offered a new plate and Anna said she didn't want any more, she just wanted to tell them of it.

The young lady took the plate with the morsel of food and the hair around the corner out of sight. I assumed she went to the manager's office to tell him a human hair was found in the food.

Guess what! He did not come out. Up until that point in time, just about every place in the dining room you would look, you would see the manager being friendly with the customers. Now, he was out of sight.

We finished our drinks, which probably took another 6 to 10 minutes. Still no manager.

Then we left. We got in the car and as I was backing out, I could see in the rearview mirror, looking in the restaurant's window that the manager had reappeared and was hobnobbing with the customers.

That must be a magic show they have there: Now you see him, now you don't!

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