Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Directions on How To Get to a Higher Level

Do you care about your health? What about the U.S. Government? What about President Bush? A scattered bunch of fiery spirited watchdogs is a way to keep those in power honest, sort of a check and balance system. You can't really depend on our elected officials to be good watch dogs, because, they got to the position they are in now by asking themselves, "Now, what do I get out of this?" So, unfortunately, too many times their vote or voice goes to the highest bidder.

That leaves the maverick self-styled bloggers with a rebel attitude to question authority. Republican or Democrat, if one whole party controls everything, then we are in serious trouble, the temptation. And the it appears that the current administration think they have a mandate from God to do as they damn well please.

Try Elaine

Now, I know what you are asking, Did I shoot five or six times - wait, that is something else - as I was saying, I know what you are asking: Isn't that link-things supposed to have a color line under it? Well yes, you are right, That is because I did not make it a proper URL, but be patient, as soon as I can figure out just how to make it a URL (whatever) I will change it.

But in the mean time, until I can learn how to transform it to an URL what you can do is high light the above that starts with http. Then, after you have it highlighted by holding down your right finger button and moving it over the htttp release your finger and press Control C. Ok, now, to your Internet provider and put it in the little block that addresses would go and press Control V. And walla! You have the address where it should be, you have just copied and pasted, and now hit Enter and sit back and let Elaine focuses on many topical subjects.



Blogger Jeni Paij said...

Post live links with the tag:
Name of the Link Cheers

5:32 PM  
Blogger Jeni Paij said...

*ha, ha!* The directions turned into a hyperlink to nowhere.

Making Links at Rei's ancient WWW intro

5:38 PM  
Blogger Amal said...

What a fasinating blog. Glad Elaine posted your link.

9:15 PM  

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