Thursday, December 29, 2005

Ideology in a Tailspin

Sometimes I get I get irritated with the politicians to see them vote with their party, along partisan lines or party lines or whatever. Maybe sometimes it just appears that way. Maybe they are voting their convictions and it just so happens that the conservative are in the Republican Party and the liberals are in the Democrat Party.

I think both parties are needed. They need a check and balance system. If one party is in mostly in power, the opposing party is needed as a watch dog to keep an eye on them, or things might get carried away.

Now, that brings me up to talk about Bush. I think he has gotten carried away with his powers. He, by just being a Republican, has been offensive to the Democrats, which is understandable, but now he is offending people of his own party. His carried away spending is causing some Republican conservatives to do more than raise an eyebrow. He blunders in his war effort has other Republicans chomping the ends of their cigars off. He has offended the Bible thumpers of the religious right. He has offended the higher up Constitutional scholar judges by trying to push a corporate lawyer as a Supreme Court judge. And more.

He reminds of a line comedian Lenny Bruce used to say after spilling out ethnic jokes about the Jewish, the blacks, Indians, gentiles, the Baptists, the Catholics, and so on, before he bowed, he would ask "Is there any group here I haven't offended yet?"

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