Tuesday, January 02, 2018

We are not normally football fans.   But we are UGA fans and usually just want to know the bottom line if they won or lost  and their standing.
But this time, we watched the Rose Bowl game from beginning to the last second, a maybe 5 or 10 minutes beyond.  This game was so action packed and each side seem to have likeable characters or good-guys.  We hollered GO GO!  When a DAWG ran with the ball and let out whimpers when it wasn't going their way. 
It was so close and leap-frogging scoring , who wouldn't be excited?
Yesterday they either told it on TV or Anna read it to me that there is a devoted DAWG-fan couple that will not watch the game together because every time they have the DAWGS have lost.
With that in mind, with Anna and I watching  every play in the game and hooting and hollering, I will take credit for Anna and I being the main factor the DAWGS won.



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