Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Me The Yellow Kid?

The other day I went cyber surfing looking for a New Year's kid, or a cartoon of, hopefully wearing a top-hat.
I came across cartoons of THE YELLOW KID.  I remember reading about THE YELLOW KID.  The Yellow Kid lived in the poor section of New York City.  He wore a dress or a gown, or a long t-shirt with no pants.

I remember reading that The Yellow Kid was one of the first comic strips in newspapers (1895-1898).  He was named that because it was in the Hearst Newspapers, which was published on cheap yellow paper, thus they got the name of Yellow Journalism, which they passed the name on to the kid.  It was drawn by William Outcault, and was a spinoff from the HOGAN'S ALLEY strip.

It reminded me of me of a picture I  have.  I was a just a few months older than a toddler, living in the Clay Homes, which was low income housing.  And I was wearing a t-shirt and pantless (in the picture).

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