Friday, January 12, 2018

He Died. He Was Lucky

It is too late now, but the previous postmaster of Marietta, Garth,  could have been the postal child for inappropriate sexual behavior of the opposite sex.
I have heard of him showing sexual explicit photos in magazines in the mail system to female employees and more.
He believed he was a good photographer and more than once he has asked shapely young ladies to be photographed in a bikini.  I know of one case that his model quickly shot up the management ladder and the last I heard she was  a postmaster in north Georgia.  
One  young lady, a clerk took some time off for a boob job.  When he found out he made a special visit to the branch she worked at to check her out.  It was only a short time she was a manager.

Garth died a couple years ago before the current social climate.  He was lucky.


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