Thursday, January 18, 2018

Throwback Thursday: Aunt Tade Tyson

Throwback Thursday:  My great aunt Lela Octavia "Tade" Tyson Carr (1886-1957).  She is my Grandma Hunter's sister.  Aunt "Tade" married E.J. Carr 4 December 1928 in Cobb County.   I know nothing else about the man and would not known about him if I had not came across his name in the book of Cobb County marriages and that he is listed in the Mars Hill Cemetery.

Aunt Tade lived in Acworth, just a block or two from Main Street, across the corner from a school.  Sometimes when I went to Acworth Beach, before I could drive I would drop by and visit her while waiting on Daddy to pick me up.

The picture of the three women are sisters.  The one on Tade's right is Anne Tyson Crowder and the one on her left, the one she is looking at disapprovingly or concerned is my Grandma Hunter.   

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