Thursday, January 04, 2018

Getting On The Bulldawg BandWagon

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a selfie of Jack Davis and his favorite Dog.

Getting on the Bulldawg band wagon.   Why not?  Trump is.  I have a lot of DAWG art at my finger tips (push of a button). 

Most of it was done by Jack Davis (1924-2016).  Jack was a Georgian native (/Atlanta) and a student at UGA before WW II, then he went into the Navy, and then afterwards he returned to the UGA campus to continue his studies.  It is unclear if he graduated or not.  Then in the late 40s he moved to New York City and became a famous artist, doing a lot of art for  EC Comics (which included MAD comicbook), TV GUIDE, and so on. 

He spent his last years on the Georgia coastline playing golf.
He did a lot of pro bono work for the UGA Booster club.


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