Monday, January 15, 2018


Looking at THE MARVELOUS MRS. MAISEL.  I was introduced to the series Amazon's THE MARVELOUS MRS. MAISEL.  I was so amazed by the details we watched the first four series (with bathroom breaks of course).
The series starts off as watching the very well organized skillful housewife Midge Maisel prepares in her Pyrex container a brisket fresh from the oven.  They  used the meat as payola, or bribe, to pay off the owner or maybe manager of The Gas Light in Greenwich Village,  for a prime spot in the line of entertainers, who have five minutes or so of entertaining the audience for her husband, a standup comedian wannabe.
By the way, the husband was a sorry comedian.  He stole his skits from Bob Newhart and his delivery and timing was wrong.  Luckily for him he did not quit his day job, which is a vice president of a large corporation  which his uncle is the president.

Did I mention that her and her husband are jewfish?   Their families are very typical stereotyped Jews, which is whole new set of continued laughs.

The husband leaves Midge for his secretary and she gets drunk and pops up at the Gas Light and stumbles up on stage just to whine about how things are not going her way and lights up the house in laughter, then the owner or manager of the establishment wants to be her manager.  But she is not fully persuaded she is good at it.

So far, she has spent two, maybe three nights in jail for lewd language and exposing her breasts on stage. In jail she  gets to know comedian Lenny Bruce and they become running buddies, sort of.
That is what I like about it, the parade of real characters that she crosses in the story.  Almost like a hipped Forrest Gump. 
From my several times in the village I remember the Gas Light and was a Lenny Bruce  fan.
The series has its cackling out loud moments and a lot historical correct moments.
It is very enjoyable.

PS - It has a jazzy type music like "HE DONE HER WRONG" (Meany the Moocher?) which adds to it all.


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