Tuesday, January 30, 2018

No More Updates!

For the most part I do not like updates of programs on the computer.   They seem to be counterproductive and disruptive.

Sometimes when I just feel at home with a new program the makers demand it to be updated which  I have to relearned everything.

Now, I am in the middle of transferring data, mostly photos and genealogy data from my old computer to our new computer. 

For a couple of days Windows have been hounding me to set up a time for an update and each time I clicked the "remind me later " button hoping that in time when they remind me again they will be leaving a message with a dead computer.

But yesterday, they ran out of patience.  They did not offer the "remind me later" selection it had a list of dates and times, not going beyond Sunday. 

I told Anna about my problem and she fixed it.  She got onto the programs and found where you could talk live to a technician.  She told the technician we did not want to update Windows on the old computer because we would be leaving it for good in not over a week.  The technician walked her through the innards of Windows to select "No More Updates"



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