Monday, January 22, 2018

Exciting Directions

I forgot to mention that yesterday I went to the dog park about 90 minutes later than I normally go.  It was a completely different set of people and dogs.  A different social club.
Within hearing distance from where I was sitting a man with a thick black beard was talking to a young couple about a certain restaurant the couple liked.  I did not catch the name.
The thick black bearded one wanted to know where it was at and the couple was trying to tell him... but first they had to name a place nearby this restaurant that he knew of so they could both relate in giving and receiving the directions.
Finally the bearded one realized where they were talking about and started telling them landmarks on each side to the street to let them know he knew exactly where they where  talking about.
When he first started talking he sounded relaxed but the more he talked the  faster, louder, higher, and excited  he got.
He sounded like he was on the peak of an organism.

I enjoy talking about local directions also, and may even get a little excited getting someone to understand where I am talking about, but I never got a hard-on.


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