Friday, January 12, 2018

I read an article in UNCLE JOHN'S BATHROOM READER  this morning about a guy in the United States, curious if anybody had his same name, Googled that name and found a person in Australia.    He emailed the person with his name and they struck up a relationship and was surprised they had similar history:  Born the same year,  both had three children and so on.

That inspired me to do the same.  I Googled my name and only found my daddy and me.  Then while there on Google  in my name I clicked Images and saw myself and Daddy in various Chicken-fat pictures that I put there.  However, also there was on picture I don't remember seeing in a long time.  I comb through my picture file often looking for certain things, and this picture is not in my picture files.

I like to come across pictures I have taken but haven't seen them in so long I forgot they exist.  This one is labeled   1977 of Daddy and Rocky.


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