Tuesday, January 02, 2018

The Big Chicken, looking down (and up) At

Video: click on The Big Chicken's beak

On Chicken-fat I have mentioned THE BIG CHICKEN here in Marietta more than once.  It is a big bright landmark. 
For us locals we usually think  "All roads lead from The Big Chicken".  Meaning, when someone asks us for directions in Marietta the first question we ask is: "Do you know where The Big Chicken is?"
Most people will say yes.  It is at the corner of one of the biggest intersections in Marietta and also the two roads are state highways.  So, if you have been in Marietta over ten minutes you probably drove by The Big Chicken and couldn't help from noticing it.
Once it has been established they know where The Big Chicken is the rest of the directions is a piece of cake, or piece of fried chicken.

Here is a drone's eye view of The Big Chicken and some information about it narrated.  


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