Wednesday, January 31, 2018

I'm Getting Ready for the Super Bowl

I admit I don't know beans about football.  I never gave it that much thought until recently.

The "recently" was watcing two University of Georgia  championship games , a week apart.  I feel I helped them win the first one.  It was the first time in many years that I sat through a UGA football game and they won.  During that game the announcers talked about a married couple that will not attend UGA games together again.  They have decided that , from their history, that every time they had attended together Georgia lost.  The second game I watched the following week they were winning until I  went to bed (I had a doctor's appointment the next morning).  Then they started losing.  Based on the other couple's belief to their attendance is a bad luck charm, if I watch it all, I am their good luck charm.

Now, back to the present and watching this year's Super Bowl game, to sit in front of the TV and to know what is going on, I just downloaded a digital MAD Magazine, which was a special SUPER BOWL issue years ago. 

I'll be cramming with it so I won't be completely dumb about football (not to mention hopping on the Band Wagon).


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