Thursday, January 25, 2018

Mistaken Identity

At lunch today Anna and I were in Zama Mexican Restaurant  sitting a booth about 15 to 20 feet feet away were two women eating lunch and talking.  The lady facing me looked about my age and I sensed something familiar her. 
"Were we classmates? "I wondered.  I thought we both have aged and don't recognize each other.
The heck with it!  I am going to march up to their booth and ask, "Do I know you?"... or should I say, "I know you from someplace - were you brought up in Marietta?"
I thought I better go talk to her before I lose my nerve.
Then she said something to her companion and smiled, showing her teeth.
Then I recognized her likeness.  She is not one someone I knew or thought was in my memory bank.
She looked very much like Penelope Wilton, the lady who plays Isobel Grey, a.k.a. Baroness Merton, in Downton Abbey.

Whew!  Just another time I dodge making a fool of myself.


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