Sunday, January 28, 2018


Do you remember a movie in the '50s about the U.S. Air Force in the Korea war that starred Van Johnson?  I don't remember the name of it, but during an air battle Van Johnson was hit.  His plane was OK, but he was wounded.  He was blinded.  Another pilot came up and flew alongside him and gave him instructions on turning and led him back to the base or carrier, I forgot which...I am not one for details.
Or maybe you remember the movie about Apollo 13 computer failure and the astronauts had to manually get the space craft back to earth?
Well, picture me as Van Johnson or Tom Hanks or whoever it was that manned the space craft and overcoming odds.
We got a new computer yesterday and I am learning it.  My son Adam, wiser than I am  did not disconnect the old computer which is the one I am on now.

I did use the new computer to send an email this morning and it seemed to work.  "One small step for mankind."  Aha!  I'm at it again!


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