Monday, January 15, 2018

My Claim to Fame (Its all about me)

My claim to fame:

These pictures are of my first cousin Patti Hunter Bagley, and her husband Mark Bagley rubbing elbows with Stan Lee.
Mark, my cousin-in-law,  is one of the key SPIDERMAN artists. 
Stan Lee is head, or was head of Marvel Comics.  If you have seen any Marvel Super Hero movies you have seen Stan.  He makes a cameo in them all.
I have known of Stan Lee a long time.  When he first became an associate editor with Marvel Comics his uncle was the CEO. 
In the late 1940s my hero Harvey Kurtzman was a struggling young freelance comicbook artist.  Stan gave him some jobs as putting "fillers" in the comics he managed.  The name of Kurtzman's fillers were "HEY LOOK!" 
Harvey Kurtzman went on to create MAD Comicbook.
Years ago I saw Stan Lee do an interview with Harvey Kurtzman and MAD and UGA artist Jack Davis and he appeared to be hyper.

Stan Lee will turn 96 on his next birthday in December 2018 and he is spry and active.  Being hyper must help longevity.  


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