Wednesday, June 14, 2017

We Are Sorry Willow


I'm sorry Willow!  This evening while doing a dumb electronic political phone survey and playing with the keyboard the same time, under dates reminder  I came across "Willow's Birthday June 10".

Oh no!  We forgot!

I thought she was lying around  sad looking.  Now I know why.   She was depressed!

She is 11 years old now.  That is 77 in dog years.  She is now two years my senior.  I am going to have to start addressing  her as "Mam'".
We will make it up to her.  We will cook out two big juicy steaks and let her have all any tough bristle and burned parts.
We will eat a birhday cake in her honor (she is a diabetic so we need to protect her against sweets).
Seriously,  she will be groomed tomorrow.  That should make her feel special.



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