Thursday, June 08, 2017

Throwback Thursday: Mama and Daddy's 50rh Wedding Anniversary, 1987

At the Marietta First Methodist Church in the Family Center

Ethel America "Janie" Petty and  Edwin Tyson "Ed" Hunter, Sr

Adam Hunter

My friends:  Ed West, Barbara and Larry White, and Sam Carsley surrounding Janie Petty Hunter

Adam and Rocky Hunter

Adam & Rocky Hunter and Jason McMahan

Alice "Rusty" Hunter

Barbara and Larry White

Becky McLemore

Bill and Eloise Foster Meek

Bus Hunter, Ray Hunter and Bonnie Hunter, heads bowed

Ed center

Eddie Hunter (me) behind
Mama and Daddy

Ed and Janie, Adam, Frances, Eddie, Bonnie, and Rocky

Ed West and Janie (telephone buddies)

Elizabeth "Jo" Hunter Stewart and Marie Foster Prance, Marietta High School Class Mates

Evelyn Cash Crain and Jo Hunter

Frances Hunter and Jeannette Phillips Petty

Jana and father Ed West

Jana, Ed, and Howard White

Marie Foster and Paul Prance

Johnny Browning and Ed

Johnny Hunter, Johnny Browning, and wife Faye Hunter

Jack and Little Jack Hunter

Janie and Cheryl Hunter

Liz Crain and Johnny Hunter

 Opal Petty and Mary Jo Johns Petty

Ruby Langely Hunter

Sarah Petty McLemore and Frances

Jeannette Quintal Hunter and Cheryl

Stanley Hunter, Lois Frasure White, and Ray Hunter

Jeanne and Ruby Steele

Thelma Cox Petty

Tom Hunter

Brothers Wallace and Leonard Petty

Wallace, Leonard, and Leonard's daughter LaVern Petty

Zelma Ogle Hunter, Sarah Frasure Hunter, and Lois Frasure White
(Sarah and Lois - sisters; Sarah and Zelma - sisters-in-laws)


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