Friday, June 09, 2017

Uncles and Circumcises

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader said that that the most common operation is male circumcision. 

I remember I went through that when I was about four or five, the same time I  my tonsils were removed.

My uncle Herbert Hunter, in his barber shop with a captive audience,  liked to tell and retell the story that when I had my tonsils out and circumcised I was lying the hospital bed crying.  The nurse came by and told me not to be such a cry baby, she had her tonsils  removed and it did not hurt much at all.

And Herbert said I said, "Did your peter hurt?"

I probably did not say the word "peter" I would not learn that word until Sex Education  at recess in the first or second grade at Waterman Street School.

But all the men in the barber shop looking and  horse-laughing at me  was worth it.
(I jest)

Speaking of uncles and circumcises my mother's brother, my uncle Roy Petty told that he wanted to be circumcised so he worked on a neighbor's farm to earn money to pay for it himself.

He remembered lying on the country doctor's examination table as the doctor clipped off his foreskin.  The old doc threw it without looking over his shoulder in direction of the garbage can.  He came close, but missed.

His cat grabbed it and ran out of the room with it.


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