Saturday, June 10, 2017

Thoughts on Kathleen's Funeral

My 95 year old neighbor Kathleen's body was buried Wednesday.  Here are some thoughts about  the funeral with scattered comments:
During the service a man was introduced and sung a very sincere Christian song.  I recognized him from someplace but I had to think where.  During his song it occurred to me: Gumby!  He was a  part time rural route carrier many years ago at the post office I worked at .  He was hard to place because it has been at least 30 years ago and of course he had aged, as we all have.  Somebody at work tagged him "Gumby" and it stuck with him.  He had a perpetual half smile, he was skinny and he took high steps, just like Gumby.  He did not like being called Gumby and quit.
About a ten or so years ago I ran into him at a mutual friend's birthday party.  He was not very friendly.  I think in his mind he linked me with the bunch that nicknamed him Gumby.  Which wasn't true, I was trying to shake a nickname myself:  Lightening.
He told me then he was a full time rural carrier out of Alpharetta.  Good for him.
During the "Celebration of Kathleen's life" the pastor told how she loved to play the organ.  She learned early in life and played the organ at church.  In fact, they bought one which is in her living room.
I thought, "I didn't know that about her and I never seen a organ in her living room."  I had my doubts if the reverent knew what he was talking about.  Maybe he got this and another funeral's subjects mixed up.
Kathleen's three granddaughters, one at a time came forward  and told their personal times with their grandmother, then all three at once.  It was emotional and joyfully.
After the funeral while the family and others went to the burial we went to Kathleen's house to set up the food, for they invited everybody at the funeral to come by after the service and meet.
At Kathleen's house I was outside bringing in some food when the neighbor's daughter on that side (we live on the other side) hollowed over to me and ask how "Mrs. Killian was doing?"
She died I replied.
"She what!!??)"
"She died.  The funeral was this morning."
She said, "I have known her all my life!  Why didn't someone tell us?"  She was crying.
Heck!  I don't know!  I shrugged my shoulders. 
That is a hard job to notify everybody that you think should know.  
As people came I found an empty chair in the living room to sit.  The first thing I noticed when I entered the room was Kathleen's organ.


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