Saturday, June 24, 2017

BBQ and Jesus

Last night we visited Willie Jewell's Old School BBQ for the 4th time.  It was packed again:  people waiting on a table to be available. 

Lately BBQ joints having been popping up here and there.  We read that there is a new one on the corner of Glover and Atlanta (was Butler) Streets, replacing another one that did not make it.

It seems that the South should be noted for their barbecue.  But until recently there just wasn't that many.  I think until recently there were more of either  Mexican or  Asian restaurants  than barbecue restaurants. 

I noticed the crowd at Willie Jewell's last night.  I was wondering if they transferred professionals that recently moved to the area and decided to check out the local cuisine or they were natives just checking the new restaurant in town.  I informal survey of just studying the people, I think it was  a mixture of both.

I have always liked to pop in bbq roadside stands or a bbq restaurant on some lonely road.  It seems there is always something interesting.

What comes to mind is one time my son Adam and I went to a junk yard in White, Georgia, looking for a certain truck part (I think a rockaarm, whatever that is).  About a half mile down the road from the junk yard was a bbq joint with homemade signs. It was lunch time so we decided to try them out.

The food was good enough.  Their decorations were Jesus hanging on the cross hanging here and there.  When we sat down I noticed behind my son was almost a full size Jesus hanging on a cross, and the cross was leaning forward, hanging directly over my son's head.  Red plastic blood realistically seemed to be oozing from Christ's wounds.  Adam had not noticed the big crucifixion hanging above his plate and I said, "Watch out! and motioned for him to look up behind his head.

He looked up and it took him by surprised.  He did a double take.  


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