Sunday, June 11, 2017

Tuba Skinny Dance Music

Last July the 17th we went to a Tuba Skinny concert in Little Five Points of Atlanta.  If you think the concert venue looks about the size of a class room, you are right, that is what it used to be.
Several years ago on Youtube surfing I ran into the Tuba Skinny ragtime-like New Orleans Band and really enjoyed their style, their lay-back casual style and the members personalities.  Being a fan, I bumped heads with the late  Joe Stewart, also a fan.  Joe and I were both in our seventies.  We acted like two preteens sharing information we gathered about the band; elderly groupies.

Joe's son carried him to a Tuba Skinny concert in Maryland and he was thrilled silly.  He got to talk the band's leader Shaye Cohn.  He said she was very friendly and opened.  Months later when Joe died the band played a tribute in his memory.

When we went to this, along with my youngest son Adam and his girlfriend Savvy I was thrilled too.

When we arrived, early as usual, I met one of the musicians who had their dog with him.  I also heard the lady say they could sell more seats but "Shye wanted plenty of room for dancing."

By the way, Savvy named her dog Tuba.


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